Our booths are elegant and classy. They are built with color LED units and have the ability to change colors or maintain certain colors and can be solid or can change colors along with the beat of the music. The Photo Booth is designed to blend in with the theme of any event, regardless of the event type. Our system is completely touch screen and is very easy to operate. We also offer high resolution digital cameras for the photography portion and our printer is a dye sublimation professional grade photo printer. Additionally, our booth is equipped with an external monitor in which we show a slideshow of all images that were taken during the event. Our clients have rated our booths the Best Booths for Rent in Los Angeles!



25% deposit is required to reserve your date. The balance is required to be paid a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. We offer a full refund of the deposit if the reservation is cancelled a minimum of thirty days prior to the event.

Visa/MasterCard/Amex Accepted.