Q: What is the price of the photo booth rental?

A: Please CLICK HERE to be directed to our Photobooth Packages page. You will notice that we offer a wide range of prices that fit almost any budget. Additionally, we have Add-Ons that can help with customizing the booth to fit into your event.


Q: Who will run the photo booth unit during my event?

A: A professionally trained employee of LA Photobooth Rentals will set up and take apart the Photobooth for you. They will also be available throughout your event to restock the supplies, assist with scrapbooks, assist with Social Network Tagging, or even help with operating the booth. This ensures that it will be used properly, that guests will take pictures correctly and that the photo sessions are done quickly so that the maximum amount of sessions can take place during your event.


Q: What occurs during a typical photo booth session?

A: Once the guests enter the photo booth, they will make a selection of which color scheme they would like their pictures to be done in (full color, black & white or sepia). After the setting has been selected the photo booth will count down until the first picture is taken. The booth will automatically continue the countdown and picture cycle until 4 pictures have been taken. At this time the photo booth unit will create and print the photo strip. At this time, the next guest can enter and begin their session or the previous guest can remain in the booth and new options to take additional photos.


Q: How can I personalize the photo booth to my event?

A: There are many ways to personalize the photo booth so that it ties into your individual event. The top and bottom sections of the photo template can be personalized to your liking. The backdrop of the photo booth can also be personalized. You may also choose to have props or chalkboards/signs for your guests to use. Our Photobooths are all LED powered so you can have the booth boast a color matching your events theme. The creative options are endless!


Q: What can guests do with the photo strips?

A: Since our rental provides two copies of each photo for an additional cost, there a variety of different options that customers have for photo strip usage. One of the most popular ways is for the guests to keep one of the copies and leave the second for the host. In weddings the host copy can be used in a guestbook. Also, appropriately sized photo frames can be provided for an additional cost so that the guests can take their photo home as a favor. Many events simply let their guests take home the photo as is, but for those looking for something more, the frame can give that added elegance. For those not using a guest book, the photos are also great for scrapbooks or event collages. The possibilities are endless!


Q: What locations does LA PhotoBooth Rentals rent to?

A: LA PhotoBooth Rentals offers photobooth rentals to all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We can offer our services to the majority of Ventura County as well, but please contact us in advance to confirm our ability to provide services to your event outside of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.